Our goal is to proactively create value-added opportunities so that we can improve our long-term ability to position ourselves as a symbol of faith in the mind of the consumer


To constantly thrive for developing a culture which is completely customer focused so that we can ensure a steady growth in the years to come for the company


We care for the PEOPLE as-well-as for ENVIRONMENT. We protect the nature through recycling used iron and steels. We ensure proper Refining Process through state-of-the-art technology in our Modern Production Plant, which is the pioneer in Bangladesh.


A team of experienced professionals are committed to ensure customer service through the manufacturing of quality re-bars and prompt delivery. We believe in sustainable success through client’s satisfaction.


Product quality is ensured throughout the manufacturing processes i.e. Billet producing, Re-Rolling process, Cooling and stocking of finished re-bar etc. Our production department & process has strict adherence to follow proper quality control requirements.